Mads Heindorf smykker

"Jewellery with Soul"

Mads Heindorf Guldsmed og designer

Mads Heindorf is a present day alchemist. He masters the noble art of transforming our precious souls into jewellery of highest carat. 

A piece of jewellery from Mads Heindorf is a hand-made symbol of the things that are most important to each individual. 

In order to underpin the personal touch we often use our customers' own gold and silver to create new jewels with an old history. It doesn't get more personal than that.



The shop in Gothersgade in central Copenhagen looks more like a raw and sophisticated workshop than a jewellery shop. The room is decorated with an unusual combination of old car tires, tables in steel, fur, and heavy black silk curtains. It is fascinating, exciting and with many contrasts. Like the unique jewellery that grows out of his hands.


Mads has already long experience within the goldsmith profession despite being only 27 years old, and he has created jewellery for a wide range of discerning and well-known customers as Susse Wold and Crown Princess Mary. The interest in the precious stones and metals was already in full bloom, when he - only 17 years old - bought his own jewellery shop on Langeland, hired a skilled and experienced jeweler with focus on high-quality work and was in that way trained in his own company. The shop in Gothersgade opened its doors in 2008, and is now an attraction for customers who dreams of the contrasting and personal piece of jewellery.


Mads creates his own collections, where he combines small details with rough surfaces, to create a contrast between the fine and the raw look. Rare materials such as Tahitian pearls, untreated rubies and sapphires and mink are mixed with gold, silver and white diamonds - and quite often you can see the elephant in rings, necklaces and bracelets. Besides jewellery, he is also involved in charity and cultural events. The shop is also a lively forum for arrangements and exciting lectures, which today has become a major attraction.

Mads Heindorf Jewellery | Gothersgade 105 | Copenhagen | +45 20 20 21 91 |